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Hello there and welcome to Seed2Success! My name is Frank Brown the owner and operator of this web site. I started this web site in order to provide one central location for people to come and get reliable information about cannabis and vaporizers…basically anything related to the industry. I fell in love with smoking cannabis at a young age…some might say too young. But I always was responsible and never got lead down the path of harder drugs. In my opinion as long as you have a mentor, someone to show you the right way to approach these different substances, then you shouldn’t have any problems with other forms of illicit drug use. I mean it’s such a broad range of substances that you can get involved with…it’s just about narrowing down your selection and finding the ones that are best suited for your own circumstances.

Marijuana can seriously enhance your creativity and imagination…Can it make you lazy? I think if you have tendencies to be lazy and you smoke too much of it then yes. But if you are a responsible person who has conquered their own personality then you will be able to gauge how much you should consume and you will develop a thresh hold of which you will not want to pass. There is a great amount of hysteria surrounding these substances so you will want to make sure you come up with a solid game plan in order to get yourself into the right state of mind to participate in these sensitive activities. Some people are only interested in using marijuana to get high and other recreational purposes, and that’s fine as well. But we need to stop sacrificing the people who are really interested in using these products for valid medical applications in order to punish the few people who use them irresponsibly.

The bottom line is that you must decide for yourself what you are using this substance for…is it to escape reality and forget about your responsibilities or is it to get in touch with a deeper side of the universe and tap into your own hidden potential. For people that use marijuana as a crutch to help them deal with the harsh truths of reality I have no sympathy…but for those who are simply trying to treat a medical condition that they have been afflicted with for their entire lives I say let them have this substance please. I’ve read so many stories where an MS patient’s condition dramatically improved after using marijuana for only two months. There are stories like this all around us, it’s just that we get caught up in the anti marijuana propaganda that is pushed onto us from a corrupt political system that has a vested interest in keeping these substances illegal.

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