My Favorite Vaporizer Pens

download (1)I have several different vaporizer pens that I will use on a regular basis to keep me satisfied and happy.  Some of these pens were recommendations from friends and others I discovered on my own while on my travels around the country smoking marijuana.  You see I started off in Seattle back in March of ’03 when the vaping community was just starting to get a foothold there.   I was introduced to vaporizers by a group of people and they had an Arizer Solo with them.  I remember the feeling that I got once I took my first hit: euphoria.  I have never experienced such a pleasant and convenient method for smoking in my life.  The vapor tasted very clean and flavorful, and it wasn’t too hot.  I inhaled it quickly to allow the medication’s effects take hold.  I remember that the feeling of the medication was much cleaner as well, and it put me into a trance like state where I felt comfortable talking with anyone about any subject.

One thing that I love about the G Pro Herbal, which is the vape pen that I use the most, is that you can fill it up with a large amount of material.  The chamber on this pen can hold about .5g of marijuana, which is a lot compared to other styles of units.  If you hold them out side by side you will see that the herb chamber on the G Pro is much deeper and wider as well.  Having the ability to vape a large amounts of herbs at one time is preferable to only having a little.  This is why I love the G Pro herbal and recommend it all the time to my friends and family.  Some people have criticized this vaporizer because the mouthpiece tends to get a little hot during use, but it comes with a rubber extender that you can use to give the vapor a chance to cool down before it reaches your lips.  Overall this is a great vaporizer, and one that I highly recommend if you are just getting started and want to try vaping dried herbs.

Another great vape pen that I usually recommend to those who are looking for an affordable dry herb solution is the Pulsar Supernova Vaporizer Pen.  You can pick one of these pens up for around $50 – $70 depending on where you go and what sales are running at the time.  They are decent dry herb pens, and for the price you really aren’t going to beat it.  I have tried some other cheap variations of dried herb pens and I must say that they all pretty much sucked!  The Supernova I would say is the best cheap vaporizer pen for dried herbs.  If you are looking for an affordable way to vaporize your dried herbs in public then the Supernova Vaporizer is the way to go.  Try it out for yourself and get back to me and tell me what you think.  I’m always interested to hear other people’s thoughts on the same vaporizers that I myself have recently tested.