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How to Vape E Juice

Marijuana Vapors Sale is the safer way to get your nicotine fix. A vapor pen might look a lot like traditional cigarettes, but it is not the same thing. A vape pen can be filled with an e juice cartridge that allows you to get nicotine without exposing your body to other harmful toxins and tobaccos. Making the switch to a vaporizer pen from cigarettes can be good for your health, but you will have to learn how to vape. Vaping with a vape pen is not identical to smoking with a cigarette.

What is E Juice?

Before you learn the correct way to use a vapor pen, it is important that you understand exactly what e juice is. E juice is the liquid within the cartridge that produces vapor. It has both nicotine and flavor in it along with an agent that allows for vapor production. Not only can you choose from different e juices to allow for different flavors, but you can also choose the exact amount of nicotine that you desire.

How to Vape E Juice

Once you have chosen the type of Weed Vaporizer that matches your preferences, you can begin vaping. It is important that you realize vaping and smoking are not the same thing. Even though a vapor pen looks and feels like real cigarette, you need to later your technique just a bit when you begin vaping.

Don’t Inhale Directly Into Lungs

It is recommended that you do not inhale directly into your lungs when you are vaping e juice. What you want to do is actually draw the vapor from the vape pen into your mouth before you inhale into your lungs. This is normally your technique before you actually get the hang of smoking, but it is the method you should always use when vaping e juice.

Take longer draws of your vaporizer pen than you would from a traditional cigarette. Instead of taking a 2 second draw on your cigarette, you should take about a 6 second draw from your vapor pen. It is also a good idea to take a draw from your vape pen that is a bit gentler than what you would typically take from a cigarette. Do not suck on your vape pen, because this is not the best way to vape.

Experiment a Bit

Not only do you have to experiment with different e juice flavors, but you also have to alter your vaping technique as you go along.